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"Discover How You'll Make More Money, Get More Joy, Feel Relaxed, More Happier, And More Importantly
Get Freedom from Pain,

Without Doing Hours of Intense Workout Or Meditation.

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If All Of This Sounds Like You,

I Hear You And Completely Understand...

After working with multiple clients and speaking with dozens of women, I’ve found these are similar problems they All faced. 

According to The Atlantic – “Over the past two decades, a number of studies have shown that:

  • Reiki treatments help diminish the negative side effects of chemotherapy, 
  • Improve surgical outcomes, regulate the autonomic nervous system, 
  • And dramatically alter people’s experience of physical and emotional pain associated with illness.”

You don’t have to do hours of intense workout, just sit with me and I’ll heal you with my heart and soul.

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Breakthrough Healing Services

Meet Your Healer

Hi, this is

Alia Ghosheh

Certified Reiki master and life coach. I am a poetess too, somewhere, with two literary collections published: The Journey Home and Laughin’ in Athens.

If you ask me what I look forward to I’d say ‘to help you. The purpose of my life shall be accomplished the day I’ll sit peacefully knowing I’ve helped many souls with my gift.

Reiki Is Actively Being Considered As An Effective Healing


The Usui and Karuna distant healing session lasts for 15 minutes and is followed by a 1:1 coaching call via zoom. Total time is up to an hour.

Once the 15 minutes are over , I will message you and you will get up slowly and carefully. Then, we begin the 1:1 coaching call via zoom and we will discuss what came up. You will receive a photo of the notes.

It is highly recommended to drink lots of water after the healing process. You will feel the positive effects up to three days.

No. Reiki can help anyone and everyone at any age and any stage of life.

Ready for a life changing experience?

Disclaimer: Reiki Heals Holistically, But is Not a Substitute for Medical Treatment
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