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Hi, this is Alia Ghosheh. I am a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher and Life Coach. I have 2 literary collections published. The Journey Home and Laughin' in Athens. My latest e-book is Wish Cat

Alia Ghosheh

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My Story.

Reiki Master.
Energy Healer.
Life Coach.

We at least once in our lives come across that one thing which changes our future; a small decision of that time becomes the most important one for the rest of our life.

The same happened to me. I stumbled upon a reiki class in the year 2014 while I was clueless about what I should be expecting from it. Indeed, it was like I’ve enrolled with no intentions until my subconscious mind enlightened me about the purpose I was born for. The magical vibe, I still remember, when I felt the sensation of my aura being possessed! And you know, that day soon after the first session I knew I was meant to study Usui reiki.

I was told ‘reiki change your life, it really did; I decided to become a Karuna reiki Master right after completing the training. Now, I help people across the globe to heal, restore and replenish themselves.

If you turn back the pages of my life, you’ll notice I’ve always had this natural ability to put people at ease, to make them feel at ease, and to truly understand them. The era we are living in is full of stress which I can tame. This is how I cherish my gift.

It is my passion and mission to assist women across the globe in increasing their self-esteem and enlightening them about self-love, setting firm and healthy boundaries, embodying their most authentic radiant selves, and ultimately finding clarity of the divine mission of their soul. Precisely, I yearn to assist women in discovering their own inner strength.

That’s all about me, Alia Ghosheh, reiki master and a life coach. I am a poetess too, somewhere, with two literary collections published: The Journey Home and Laughin’ in Athens.

If you ask me what I look forward to I’d say ‘to help you. The purpose of my life shall be accomplished the day I’ll sit peacefully knowing I’ve helped many souls with my gift.