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Reiki Healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese meditative practice in the form of energy healing. It’s the combination of two Japanese words ‘Rei’ & ‘Ki’ (pronounced as ray-key) where ‘Rei’ means Spiritual Wisdom and ‘Ki’ means life energy. So ‘Reiki’ means “spiritually led life energy”. Since its origin reiki has been considered and used as a natural system of healing.

Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the therapist channels energy into the patient by means of touch. This channeled energy charges the natural healing processes of the patient’s body while restoring physical & emotional well-being. Reiki is a well-known & recognized technique to relax your body, mind, emotions and come out energised & motivated. 

What is Life Coaching?

There’s plenty of suffering but now the next chapters of your life need to be fabulous!

Life coaching is about helping people make progress in their lives to achieve greater fulfillment. Either it’s about relationships, careers, or day-to-day life, life coaching will aid you to improve all of them.

As your life coach & reiki master, I’ll help you increase your self-esteem, create firm and healthy boundaries, clarify your goals, identify your obstacles, and much more! With personalized sessions, I’ll help you come up with strategies to tackle your problems.

It’s high time to work on what lights you up and let go of what doesn’t! I concentrate on helping you build wealth, joy, and content lives.

 If managing your physical and mental changes along with other challenges of life is not your cup of tea! Let me do it for you as your life coach.

Life Coaching

Know Your Mentor's Story!

” When you cherish yourself,  You are manifesting the life you deserve”.

—Alia Ghosheh

We at least once in our lives come across that one thing which changes our future; a small decision of that time becomes the most important one for the rest of our life.

The same happened to me. I stumbled upon a reiki class in the year 2014 while I was clueless about what I should be expecting from it. Indeed, it was like I’ve enrolled with no intentions until my subconscious mind enlightened me about the purpose I was born for. The magical vibe, I still remember, when I felt the sensation of my aura being possessed! And you know, that day soon after the first session I knew I was meant to study Usui reiki.

I was told ‘reiki change your life, it really did; I decided to become a Karuna reiki Master right after completing the training. Now, I help people across the globe to heal, restore and replenish themselves.

If you turn back the pages of my life, you’ll notice I’ve always had this natural ability to put people at ease, to make them feel at ease, and to truly understand them. The era we are living in is full of stress which I can tame. This is how I cherish my gift.

It is my passion and mission to assist women across the globe in increasing their self-esteem and enlightening them about self-love, setting firm and healthy boundaries, embodying their most authentic radiant selves, and ultimately finding clarity of the divine mission of their soul. Precisely, I yearn to assist women in discovering their own inner strength.

That’s all about me, Alia Ghosheh, reiki master and a life coach. I am a poetess too, somewhere, with two literary collections published: The Journey Home and Laughin’ in Athens.

If you ask me what I look forward to I’d say ‘to help you. The purpose of my life shall be accomplished the day I’ll sit peacefully knowing I’ve helped many souls with my gift.

Words By My Clients

Clients' Testimonials - Each one below this took Reiki Healing Sessions with me and I want you to mark their words!

I received a 15 minute Distance Reiki Session with Alia today. Wow! In just 15 minutes she was able to balance my energy system and remove energy blockages that where showing up physically. The information she relayed about our session was informative and direct. Her insights were right on! This is a highly recommended experience for anyone looking to feel more balanced, whole, grounded and glowing. Thank you Alia! I look forward to doing it again.

Tarra Corcoran

This review is for one of Alia’s fantastic new Reiki energy healing services: Alia thank you so much for my energy healing and chakra balancing treatment today. I feel so much more energetic now, and the abdominal pains I experienced earlier today are as good as gone now. I highly recommend Alia to anyone who is interested in Reiki healing treatments for improving physical or emotional discomfort. Alia has a very calm and reassuring personality which instantly makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. As this was my very first Reiki session Alia explained in a few short precise steps what we are going to do, and gave me feedback of her findings afterwards. Once more thank you very much for your fantastic service. Best wishes and stay safe. Peggy, Lincoln UK

Peggy Fisher

I received a distant reiki session and it came at a perfect time. She removed pain from my ankle after spraining it. Also, she channeled a very powerful mantra that assisted me in opening my new business. Short, powerful, and effective. I recommend.

Chelsea Kyle

I was skeptical in doing reiki long distance when I didn't know, and had never met, Alia in person. She was the burst of light in my day that I needed! She was able to fully tap into my energy and offered spot on insights and recommendations to aid in my healing journey. She even did an improve gift at the end that was so freakin' amazing and fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you for breaking up the stagnant energy I was feeling. Keep on healing!! 💚

Erin Miller
Erin Miller

    How Can Reiki Help You?

    Our life revolves around every kind of energy but we are not trained to manage our energy throughout life. So, people generally don’t think much about it and remain far from their state of Beneficial life flow?

    This lack of proper training & treatment makes us mismanage our energy and ultimately, we deplete our life force. Lack of physical, mental and spiritual energy can never be good right? A flexible and intuitive treatment is essential to leave you relaxed, balanced & better connection to yourself.  

    Reiki is the technique which channels your energy to treat & train you for better overall well-being and management of your energy. If you want to relax your body, balance the mind & spirit and cleanse body toxins to improve immune system then Reiki is something you need. Your messed-up energy system requires a technique like reiki which addresses more than just the physical elements of your body.

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    Still Have Some Doubts?

    I have tried my Best to Answer some questions that I get commonly!

    How Long Does A Session Last?

    The Usui and Karuna distant healing session lasts for 15 minutes and is followed by a 1:1 coaching call via zoom. Total time is up to an hour.

    What is included in a reiki session?

    Once the 15 minutes are over , I will message you and you will get up slowly and carefully. Then, we begin the 1:1 coaching call via zoom and we will discuss what came up. You will receive a photo of the notes.

    Any thing else I should know?

    It is highly recommended to drink lots of water after the healing process. You will feel the positive effects up to three days.

    Are there age limits to reiki?

    No. Reiki can help anyone and everyone at any age and any stage of life.

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